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North Georgia Dent - Paintless Dent Removal

Was your vehicle dinged, dented, bumped, or in a hailstorm?

North Georgia Dent prides itself in convenient, friendly, and fast mobile service for all types of dents. That's right we are mobile! We bring the repair to you at your home or office without the high overhead of a shop. With over 7 years in the business our goal is to provide you with honest answers to your questions and the highest quality repairs at an affordable price.

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We Come To You

Our dent removal service is on demand and mobile. If you're in the North Ga area, we will come to your house, office, or wherever.

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Affordable Friendly Service

Dents are no fun at all and neither is paying for them. If someone can offer a better deal, we will be the first to tell you.

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Eco Friendly Repairs

Our paintless dent removal means we don't have to sand your car which leaves debris, use body fillers or paint.

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Areas We Service

We service all of Atlanta and North GA. Give us a call today to see why we are voted number one.

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All about us

Who we are

    Joshua Rhett Freeman
    Owner & Operator

My name is Rhett Freeman, owner and operator of North Georgia Dent. It is my goal to provide you with exceptional service and repairs at an cost effective price in a timely manner. My years of training alongside some of the industries best pdr techs locally in Georgia and in several other states has instilled the confidence and ability to provide the very best repair possible. This family business has become more of an art to me and has grown to be something I'm very passionate about. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your car.


What Is Paintless Dent Removal?

It’s Basically Magic

Paintless dent removal is the process of removing dents from cars without the traditional use of body fillers and paint. Using specialized tools we access the backside of the dented panel and slowly massage the dent back to its original state. Panels that can't be accessed with tools can be repaired by a process called glue pulling. Utilizing special glue, plastic tabs, a slide hammer, and a knock down, dents are meticulously pulled out with repetitive pulls until the dent is completely removed.

Accessing dents can be different from panel to panel depending on location of the dent. Some panels are easier than others. Dents on doors are fixed by rolling down the window, sliding a protective board down the glass to protect it from damage, tools are then slid down the shaft which allows for access to the backside of the dented door. Fenders and quarter panels can be repaired by sliding tools up under the plastic wheel well liner above the tire or by removing headlights or tail lights that normally give you much more access to the dented panel. Removing the heat shield under a hood opens up many options for repairing dented or hail damaged hoods. The most complicated panel to access is often the roof because of the vehicle's headliner. Removing a headliner gives a dent tech wide open access to the underside of the roof and is often always removed to repair hail damage.

Why Is Paintless Dent Removal So Great?

No Paint Required

Besides the convenient mobile aspect of pdr there are many other benefits worth mentioning. Pdr has come along way over the years, because of its quick turnaround it has become the preferred method of repair for dealerships, body shops, and insurance companies. Because we use no chemicals, fillers, or sanding it can be done virtually anywhere with no harmful effects to the environment. One of the greatest benefits is that you won't have to worry about matching and blending paint on panels, your vehicle will maintain its factory finish without being devalued.

Unlike traditional auto body repairs pdr is very affordable. The cost is normally half of what your insurance deductible might be so it's something you can pay out of pocket and avoid making a claim with your insurance company that will raise your premiums. Time sensitivity is a huge benefit of pdr. Customers are often faced with turning in a rental or lease with damage and have found themselves without the amount of time needed to do a conventional repair. A typical repair with pdr is under an hour and can be done virtually anywhere taking the stress out of time constrained situations.

Does Your Damage Qualify?

Some Dents Require More Work

Our most common repairs are door dings, dents caused by some one opening their door into yours, shopping cart dents, hail damage, and minor bumper and fender benders. Though we can fix many types of dents, we can't fix them all. Very sharp or crushed dents are not good candidates for pdr. Dents with cracked or damaged paint sometimes require a body shop. Some dents are repairable but might have a small chip of paint that can be touched up. Customers with older cars usually don't want to invest the money that it costs to repaint parts with small paint blemishes , they "just want the dent out". That's where being an alternative to a body shop comes in handy and saves you money. North Georgia dent will always give you an honest, professional opinion on what direction to go with your repair.

Does Your Car Have Hail Damage?

Paintless Dent Removal Fixes That

Pdr has become the preferred method to repair hail damaged cars for a few reasons. Insurance companies prefer hail damage to be repaired with pdr to save time and money. Traditional repairs sometimes take weeks, painting parts, cutting out roofs, and replacing hoods while devaluing the vehicle and leaving you stuck in a rental car. Keeping your original factory parts is important in maintaining your vehicle's resale value. Cheap aftermarket parts that are not made to fit your vehicle can change the appearance of your car and change its value. The average repair time for a hail damaged car varies but can often be completed in 1 to 2 days depending on severity. Since pdr is preferred by insurance companies we work with body shops quite frequently. Most body shops these days see the value in having a relationship with a pdr tech because they can be very beneficial to each other. If you are a body shop who has a hail damaged car don't hesitate to give us a call as we are very knowledgeable in hail damage repair.

Don't Return A Lease Or Rental With A Dent

You'll Pay Extra If You Do

We know life gets busy and next thing you know it's time to turn in that rental or leased vehicle. If you are turning in a lease or rental with damage that exceeds the allowable size, you will be paying too much! Let us save you the money and hassle of the expensive repair bills that they will tack on. Some of these companies have relationships with repair shops who don't have your wallets best interest in mind. Always avoid making a claim with your insurance company and see if paintless dent repair can save you from the headache.

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What our client say?


  • Jamal Warner

    “I recently had North Georgia Dent Repair fix a dent on my 2008 Impala.
    Great job, and most importantly, a really good price. My ride looks smooth again!”

  • Terry Jorgenson

    “My wife bumped a pole in parking garage, and the body shop wanted over $1,200 to fix the dent. North GA Dent Repair did it at a fraction of the cost, in one day!!”

  • Joan Kettering

    “Our Mercedes had thousands of dollars in damage from the 2015 hailstorm. After doing our reserach, we found North Ga Dent repair and had our baby fixed in a couple days, and they even worked with our insurance company! 5 stars!”

  • Sharon Liversedge

    “Rhett from NGDR came to my workplace, gave me an estimate, and had my bumper dent fixed before lunch!”

  • Shunyong Kim

    “Great value, very convenient and affordable.”

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